Certification Help for Firm Admins

September 1 – October 31 each year.
Absolutely! Individual attorney certifications are not tied to trust account information so you can update trust account information any time of year.
Entering trust account information is completely separate from individual attorney certifications. Each attorney (or his/her assistant) logs in and submits his or her annual certification. They only select their firm name, but do not enter trust account information.

There are several reasons for this, but the main reason is that we value the security of your trust account information. We assign firm administrator passwords to login with to enter trust account information so that we can make sure people are using secure passwords and not a password such as wareagle1 or rolltide1! It is also so that you only have to enter trust account information once unless you change financial institutions or open new accounts.
Email us and we will create a password for you.
Email us to make sure you are using the correct password and that we have the correct email address for you.
Make sure you are entering your account number and not the bank routing number. Your account number is usually the last series of the three series of numbers along the bottom of your check. That error means that one person who has an account at your bank entered THEIR routing number instead of their account number!
Does your trust account number start with zero? If so, leave off the leading zero(es) and start with first number OTHER than zero.
When you press the Submit button after entering your account number your account information will appear at the top of the page.
That is okay. That information is optional so you do not have to enter the date opened.
If you only have one trust account and successfully entered the information you can log out. The account entry form still shows because a number of law firms have multiple trust accounts and need to enter more than one.